January 2021

In Real Time With Costa Maragos | January 21, 2020
Want the inside scoop on some of the latest news around the world…well, Costa is here to fill you in with a new episode of In Real Time with Costa Maragos. Make sure you watch, as our line-up of guests is going to keep you on the edge of your seat.
• Julie Stewart-Binks, Fubo TV/Fubo Sports
• John Hewson – TCM Mediation
• Warren Steinley, MP – Regina Lewvan
• Tyler Smith, Former Humbolt Broncos
• Oboise Umobuarie, Musician

Episode 6 Interviews

A pandemic tale of two countries. Popular New York-based TV sports host and former CTV Regina sports reporter Julie Stewart-Binks slips us a VIP pass to her self-described ‘Club Quarantine’ as she has experienceds the pandemic on both sides of the border.
Rapper Oboise Umobuarie, an up and coming prairie-based musician, talks about his personal and musical journey to the prairies from Nigeria via the UK. His latest album has more than 200k streams.

Life after the tragedy. Tyler Smith, who survived the Humboldt Broncos bus crash, talks to me about his recovery and his quest to help others dealing with mental health problems.
Time to loosen up provincial trade barriers? We talk with Warren Steinley, MP for Regina-Lewvan.
Dealing with divorce. The province is expanding a pilot project requiring mandatory mediation for splitting couples. How does this work? Is this the way to go? John Hewson of TCM Mediation Studio in Regina explains.

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