Published July 21, 2020

August 20, 2020 | Show Premiere

Costa Maragos is back in front of the camera and ready to explore current events affecting Saskatchewan.
Our show premiere is one of a kind, with guests who are living in middle of COVID-19 hot spots, a local filmmaker ready to launch her own show…in Regina? And of course, we look at the CFL and what the future looks like for the players, communities and the league.
This is In Real Time with Costa Maragos. Real People. Real Conversations.

Show Premiere Interviews

Stacey Ferguson
COVID worries in Saskatchewan appear to be ‘much ado about nothing’ according to former Regina resident Stacey Ferguson. Stacey talks to us about life in the hard hit country of Spain and the aggressive tactics used by authorities to keep people inside during the peak of the COVID outbreak.
Marlies Weiss
Living in one of the world’s COVID hotspots. Former Regina resident and current medical student Marlies Weiss brings a different perspective on the pandemic living in Lima, Peru.
Our interview with Marlies is brought to you by Boston Pizza.
Zarqa Nawaz
Regina filmmaker Zarqa Nawaz has another great TV series idea. The creator of the hit TV series Little Mosque on the Prairie, has released her show trailer titled Zarqa. She hopes it will be shot it Regina but a big step getting there includes your online support.
Our interview with Zarqa is brought to you by SaskMilk.
Dr. Huang
Should back to school plans be left up to school districts? A public health doctor in Saskatoon, Anne Huang, questions the province’s plan.
Our interview is brought to you by Capital GMC.
Gwyn Tremblay
Crowded beaches and packed bars in Florida. This is the image Canadians have of Floridians during these COVID times. Former Regina resident Gwyn Tremblay gives us an alternative view on how Floridians are doing. It’s not what you might think.
Fahad Alanazi
Fahad Alanazi, a University of Regina graduate, talks to us about living with COVID in Saudi Arabia. He talks to us about being diagnosed with COVID and how the Saudi government aggressively keeps track of people with the virus.
Bob Kowalchuk
Bob Kowalchuk, a longtime educator in Regina’s Catholic School System, talks to us about the COVID-related challenges facing schools. Step one? Alleviating parents’ and students’ fears.
Rod Pedersen
What’s next for the Saskatchewan Roughriders now that the CFL has cancelled the season. Football insider Rod Pedersen, host of the Rod Pedersen Show, reads into the Riders’ survival strategy.
Mark Henry
Living in and loving London. Mark Henry, a Campbell Collegiate grad, teaches grade school in the UK. He shares with us his observations of London in a pandemic world.
Sonya Yong
Former Regina resident Sonya Yong talks to us about living through, not the second wave of COVID-19, but the third wave living in Hong Kong.

Pre-Show Interviews

Rod Pedersen
We sat down with Rod Pedersen on the set of his show The Rod Pedersen Show! Check out Costa Maragos doing his first interview in over 7 years.
Dr. Huang
This is no time for complacency in the fight to prevent the spread of the COVID virus. This is according to Dr. Anne Huang, Saskatchewan’s former Deputy Medical Health officer.We recently spoke with Dr. Huang on her views of mandatory mask use in public areas, including classrooms and why action is needed now to prevent the virus’ so-called second wave.
Tyler McMurchy
There are strong signs out there showing Saskatchewan roads are safer to drive on, but there are still some trouble spots. We spoke with Tyler McMurchy from Saskatchewan Government Insurance.

Real People. Real Conversations.